Best student hostels in Melbourne


Did you know that Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia? Hotels can be quite pricey there. Staying in a student hostel during your travels is a great way to get quality accommodation for an affordable price. Because most of the rooms come with comfortable study desks and chairs, it can be a perfect base for you to plan your Great Ocean Road-tripping adventure. The kitchen is usually shared and this can be a good opportunity to meet fellow travellers. Student hostels in Melbourne are abundant as the city hosts about 300, 000 students for the 8 universities that find their home in one of Australia’s biggest cities. With this, a large number of student accommodations sit empty for a few months of the year, as students move home for their breaks and holidays. Student hostels in Melbourne have good facilities and are all positioned with easy access to the highlights of this bustling city. For example, Urbanest is a hostel in Carlton near the metro. It offers great facilities for short-term guests. To learn more about student hostel accommodation, browse through the websites of the big universities in Melbourne. There you will find a list of hostels available.


Best 5 star hotels Melbourne city

In the heart of Australia, there are awesome hotels, and Melbourne has no shortages. The 5 star hotels Melbourne City boasts will offer shimmering accommodation. I’ve been lucky enough to experience one or two and you get to see the shows, visit shops, step into the hotel’s fabulous restaurants or just laze at the pool and toast your bod to a golden brown. If it all gets too hot, you just cool down in the air-conditioned comfort and head to the spa for soothing massages or other treatments. Melbourne’s best five star hotels promise one exciting day after the next, whether you’re staying at the Langham or the Linden Garden Rainforest Retreat. These hotels all have brilliant facilities and in-room amenities. There’s nightly entertainment and elegant bars and maybe even a flirt with Lady Luck in the plush hotel casino. The best 5 star hotels Melbourne city have include all the ingredients to give you the break of a lifetime. These glitzy luxurious hotels tend to your every need and will have you gloating and bragging so that people simply get sick of you.

5 star hotels Melbourne city

Melbourne Australia – Hilton Melbourne South Wharf

Melbourne Australia - Hilton Melbourne South Wharf

Melbourne Australia has many hotels, but none like the Hilton Melbourne South Wharf. This hotel in Melbourne Australia has direct access to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. It is located in the South Wharf, which is a 20-minute drive from the airport. It is a place to enjoy a luxurious holiday. It has rooms with three kinds of views: a city view, the Yarra River view and the Phillip Bay view. Spa services are available all time. The executive lounge offers an outdoor terrace view. Extra Amenities – (1) Wi-Fi – You can get free Wi-Fi when you book the exquisite breakfast offers. Use the Wi-Fi to log in to Casebook on your iPad and say hi to friends while enjoying the breakfast. (2) Workout gym – There is the option of a workout before going for a city tour. The gymnasium is really well equipped. (3) Bars and Restaurant – You will be really mesmerised by the see-through and suspended bar with a stock of over 500 bottles. If you want to have a coffee, there is Cafe Cino. The hotel is also a good place for organising small and large events. Even if your wedding anniversary is in the middle of the holidays, you do not need to worry.

Hotel Claremont Guesthouse – Affordable, Cozy option in Melbourne

Hotel Claremont Guesthouse – Affordable, Cozy option in Melbourne

I mentioned in the last post about guest house and the benefits it offers. It is economic and comfortable. So through this and subsequent posts I would be exploring some real; nice options especially in guest houses.

If you want to have the feel of History, and want the comfort and savings as well Hotel Claremont Guesthouse is a really nice option. The guest house is a refurbished 1886 Victorian building. The building itself will draw your attention as you are walking through the heart of South Yarra area. It is centrally located at 189 Toorak Road, South Yarra on the confluence of Claremont Street and Toorak Road.

Transportation -It can be easily reached by train or the Melbourne trams. Due to excellent public transport within stone throw reach; you can easily reach the famous locations of sightseeing like the Victorian Arts center, The Casino, Olympic Park and China Town.

Cost – You can book dormitory at low rates of $44 which is really popular among backpacking adventure travelers.  You can also opt for single or double bedrooms which are not so expensive. The highest rate is of special family room which costs $166 per night. For more information on tariff you can visit this page.

Last but not the least the hotel building is a must see with all Victorian art still maintained. The history and the economy make for double the benefits for just $44.

Stylish Guest Houses more Inviting than Hotels

Let us make no mistake – Melbourne has its fare share of splendid hotels to cater for everyone’s tastes. On the other hand, never underestimate a cosy guest house. I remember the time we had some plumbing problems that we inconvenient and we stayed over in a guest house. Much lighter on the pocket than a luxury hotel, its the kind of accommodation that suits me too. Somebody recommended a gueshouse called  420 Punt. It’s got 5 rooms and what I like its situated on the fringes of Melbourne. We were only there 2 days but it was awesomely convenient with public transport right outside the front door. This wasn’t the only guest house mentioned – Melbourne’s got many fabulous guest houses to choose from.

420 punt hotel

I loved the feel about the place – a lovely comfy old mansion with a warm, welcoming aura. The bedroom itself was beautifully decorated and everything you needed like computer access and wifi was there, plus more.  The rooms were air conditioned, with TV and you could make your own tea and coffee too. The whole place was just stylish and gorgeous. Give me a guesthouse like this any day over a big hotel. I’m anxiously waiting for another plumbing calamity at home just for an excuse to come back!

The Ovolo Hotels – Melbourne and Hong Kong

I have had several recommendations to stay at the Ovolo Laneways in Melbourne a number of times but have not got around to it until this month. a business trip took me there for 2 nights and I do not say this often I will be going back. I booked a studio room and was very pleased with its stylish and comfortable decor. I was going to go into a long spiel about its many excellent points and well thought out design but as it won the 2014 Boutique awards I thought their review was far better than mine could be. I will only say for visitors it is a great reflection of Melbourne hospitality and sense of style and for business travellers, it has everything you would need and a place you can relax in.

Ovolo Laneways Boutique hotel for descerning visitors and business travellers alike.
Ovolo Laneways Studio Room

The art throughout the hotel is worth a visit anytime. My daughter and granddaughter came to visit and both were suitably impressed. Now I do not know if there is a visit to Hong Kong in my near future ( hope so) but I will certainly be looking to stay at this ones sister hotel Ovolo South side in Aberdeen HK.

Ovolo Southside Hotel Hong Kong review, THE F travel blog, 23
I want this room when I stay…

The more I read the more I want a visit  – maybe time for a holiday, my grand-daughter has not been to Hong Kong…mmm I could do with a break. We shall see.


We have been talking about different places to stay in Melbourne, and this time I thought to add something more than just finding the best place to stay when in Melbourne.

A city walk adventure can never be overrated. The City of Melbourne is an energetic and active tourist destination. A walk around the city will surely open your eyes and senses to the buzzing culture and lifestyle of the Australians. Since you will be staying in Melbourne for your city walk adventure, there are many hotels to choose from to satisfy your accommodation needs; Accor hotels are a good name and economical too. If you are indeed looking for a good and budget accommodation, just click here for Accor hotels in Melbourne or you can just browse the internet to know of the budget-friendly hotels.

city walk

Include in your city walk adventure a visit to the Sovereign Hill, Balarat, This old city was considered a city of gold in the mid-year 1800. When visiting this place you will be shown the old architecture and houses that is common during the mid-1800s. This is part of the attraction of this place. After this, you can satisfy your shopping needs by visiting Bourke Street in Central Business District of Melbourne. There is so much to shop and enjoy, and in case you run short of funds, you can always opt for fast loan companies like

Remember, before embarking on your Aussie adventure try to book you accommodations first. To know more about accommodations you can google any of the many hotel booking sites and find a best deal.

Art Series the Olsen

The Olsen Hotel is one of the best luxury hotels in Melbourne, and it certainly lives up to the expectation. It is located on the beautiful and incredibly prestigious Chapel Street, so from the moment you enter the road, you will be pampered with the best the world has to offer.

Art Series the Olsen

The Olsen has about 225 five-star suites that are decorated with the works of Dr John Olsen, one of Australia’s most renowned artists. This is what makes the hotel unique, and what gives it it’s extremely artistic touch. The hallways and reception have some beautiful murals and sculptures- ones that will certainly stay with you long after you have departed from the hotel.

Besides the art and the incredibly luxurious rooms, the Olsen Hotel is popular for it’s glass bottomed pool- that is one experience you cannot find anywhere else. If swimming in a glass-bottom pool is not your cup of tea, you could always indulge in some retail therapy in some of the world’s best stores, right there on Chapel Street.

So, the next time you are in Melbourne and you’re celebrating something special, or feel like pampering yourself, choose the Olsen. The hotel is a work of art, and the memories you make will stay with you forever.

Foreshore Camping in Sorrento, Melbourne

Are you looking for a quite seaside vacation near Melbourne? Somewhere you can relax in the beach and just read your book? Or somewhere you can surf, or learn how to improve your sea swimming skills? You do not need to look further than the Foreshore Camping houses in Sorrento. I have been there a number of times- in fact, I do not even look at other places. If I am in the mood for some sea side fun, I just directly head there.

The best part about the Foreshore Camping grounds is the fact that it is an extremely friendly place. I ended up making travel and surfing buddies every single time I go there! But if you are not in the mood for a crowded place, you can always head to the quieter areas. Some of the best surfing spots are right on the other side of the peninsula, and the beaches close to the campgrounds are quite stunning as well.

Camping grounds Melbourne

A lot of people are not fans of camping, but I believe that it is important for a person to experience the fun and excitement of camping at least once in their life. If you are a lifelong camper, you will be amazed by the experience the Foreshore camping grounds will provide you. If you are new to the game, then there is no better place to start!

Stay in Melbourne or in the Outskirts?

Melbourne attracts a large number of tourists every single day, and it is understandable that there are going to be thousands of hotel within the city. The city offers a wide range of options for people living right here, especially those who want to stay within the city and explore all the sights with ease. People opting to live within the city will have the option of choosing between large hotels, budget hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, apartments and a number of other options as well.

Melbourne City Hotels

This is the ideal option for tourists who are in town to do some sightseeing, or for people who are here for work. These hotels within the city will provide you with easy access to the offices and the major tourist spots as well.

However, if you are in this part of the country to enjoy yourself and have some leisure time, it might be wiser for you to find a hotel in the outskirts. There are a number of resorts and hotels that are right next to the beach. These spa and beach resorts are farther away from the city’s hustle and bustle and let you enjoy your holiday in peace and leisure. This might not be the wisest choice for you if you are in town on work, or if you need easy and instant access to the benefits of the city.